Saturday, August 19th, 2017

Amex Gift Card Casinos

The American Express Gift Card, a feature-rich American Express product, is getting more and more popular these days, especially because there are so many types of Amex Gift Cards available. Amex Gift Cards can be used at stores, restaurants, online casinos, or any other place while purchasing goods and services. Amex Gift Cards form great incentives, birthday gifts, or bonuses and are usually given away by businesses to generate revenue, satisfy employees, and attract customers. However, an Amex Gift Card holder should understand that he/she cannot use the card to make unlimited purchases because the card has a specified spending limit.

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Casino gaming enthusiasts can use their Amex Gift Cards or any other Amex cards such as Amex Gold Card, Amex Platinum Card, Amex Blue Card, or others to fund their online casino accounts at any online casino that supports Amex as a payment option. Since Amex is an old payment solutions company that has been around for nearly 150 years, offers a wide range of products, is available all over the world, and has an excellent customer support system, players can rest assured that they are getting the best financial products in the form of Amex Gift Cards. Although many casinos do not support Amex for a variety of reasons such as the unfriendly gaming laws in Americas, the high commission rate demanded by the company, the lack of spending limits on most Amex cards, and others, players will still find many prominent casinos such as Intertops Casino and Rome Casino that do permit players to fund their online gaming accounts using Amex.

Players can rest assured that Amex casinos are some of the best in the industry. They run on sophisticated online gaming software, give top priority to security issues, and offer fantastic bonuses and promotions. Players can, therefore, move funds to and from their online casino accounts without worrying about the safety of their financial details and money. Moreover, Amex associates only with licensed and regulated casinos, which use the latest in the online gaming technology to protect player privacy and security. Amex also stores its security codes on its own servers and not on servers belonging to the online casino, owing to which players financial details and money are safe even if their accounts are hacked.

Usually, online casinos are wary of Amex credit cards because of the unlimited credit they offer. Players usually tend to spend more than they have and end up getting broke; and no casino likes to lose its high rollers thus. However, there is no danger of such a thing happening with Amex Gift Cards because they have specific spending limits.

Getting an Amex card has several benefits, especially for casino gaming enthusiasts. Players can not only fund their online gaming accounts with peace, but also stand the chance of claiming special discounts, bonuses, access to live events, flying miles, and much more. Besides, there is a wide range of Amex credit card products for the benefit of consumers.