Friday, May 27th, 2022

Online Craps for Bitcoin

Playing Craps online can of course be fun, and when things are going you way Craps can be one of the more profitable casino games to play as you are going to go on both winning and losing streaks when playing. However, when you want to play Craps online anonymously and be assured that you are going to be accessing a fair game then finding an online casino to meet your requirements may just get a tad more difficult.

There is however one casino site that we would like to introduce you to that does allow players to sign up without having to give all of their personal details, nor will players have to send in any form of identification documents, and that site is the mBit Casino which is our top rated and highly recommended Bitcoin accepting casino site.

Online Craps for Bitcoin

What are the Benefits of Playing Craps at mBit Casino?

There are of course many unique benefits to be had by choosing to play Craps at mBit Casino and one of those benefits is that they are going to allow you to play anonymously and utilize Bitcoin as your preferred depositing and withdrawal option but there are several other benefits to be had of playing here.

The Craps game offered by mBit Casino is certified as being fair and completely random so you are never going to have any doubts that everything is not above board when playing there, and you will find that you are able to play each roll of the dice for stake levels of your own choosing as they do not offer a fixed stake game, instead it is an adjustable stake variant.

You will of course be given access to your complete gaming logs so should at any time you wish to self audit your real money game play you can do, and that is another way you can be confident you are always getting fair and random games.

Benefits of Playing Craps at mBit Casino

Bonuses are of course on offer at mBit Casino and should you fancy joining up today then you will be able to claim one Bitcoin via their sign up welcome bonus offer and to claim that all you need to do is to deposit up to one Bitcoin and they will match your deposited amount via their 100% match bonus offer.

You will also be impressed by the speed at which you are going to get paid your winnings from mBit Casino for as soon as you request a withdrawal they will pay you your entire winnings instantly, you will not have to wait whilst your withdrawal goes form a pending state for several hours or days as happens at other casino sites nor will you have to jump through hoops to get paid your winnings as often happens at other online casinos, simply request any amount to be withdrawn from your mBit Casino account and it will be sent back to you instantly to your Bitcoin Wallet.

In case you are wonder all of the Craps betting options are of course available on the mBit Casino Craps table so you will not miss out on being able to place your favourite bets as you would when visiting any land based casino.

How to Play Bitcoin Craps Online

Playing Bitcoin Craps is quick and easy, as mentioned above all you need to do is to sign up at mBit Casino transfer a deposit into your account using any Bitcoin Wallet and then you can start to play straight away, however we do know Craps is a game not many people know how to play and as such below is an overview of the basics of playing Craps so feel free to read through it for it can be a very entertaining casino table game to play and one that offers you lots of betting opportunities.

The first thing you need to know about the game of Craps is that it is a two part game, and there are a range of betting opportunities which can only be placed at the right part of the game. The game is played using two standard six sided dice and these dice are what are used to determine the outcome of each game played.

In the first stage of the game the dice are rolled and the aim is to make a point before a seven is rolled out. If the first roll of the dice results in a seven being rolled out then the game ends there and then and the next player is going to be given the opportunity of rolling the dice, as all players take turn to roll the dice when playing this table game.

How to Play Bitcoin Craps Online

If however any other number is rolled in apart from a seven from the first roll of the dice which by the way is known as the Coming Out Roll then that number is the Point Number and the aim for the player rolling the dice is to try and roll out that same number again before a seven is rolled in.

Should that initial number then be rolled in the Point has been established and as such the game then ends at that point, and the dice are passed over to the net player who will then rolls another Coming out Roll.

There are, as mentioned above, many different betting opportunities that you can place on the Craps table at each stage of the game, however the two most commonly placed ones at the initial stage of the game are the Pass Line Bet and the other is the Don’t Pass Line Bet.

The former is deemed to be a winning bet if a seven is not rolled out in the initial stage of the game and the other bet that being the Don’t Pass Line Bet is deemed to be a winning one if a seven is rolled out on the initial roll. Once the initial roll has even made then you can keep on placing bets and wagers on any other number combination displayed on the Craps table until a seven is rolled in.