Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

High Roller Online Craps

Craps is perfect game for high rollers, and playing online is no exception. In live casinos, the true high rollers throw caution to the wind and make big, risky moves. Regardless of the cash payout, they receive boatloads of attention and have a blast. Today, though, you don’t need to go all the way to a real casino to be a craps high roller. There are casinos online that take special care of their most valuable players and go the extra mile to ensure all of your needs are met. These cutting edge craps casinos realize that high rollers are extremely valuable and that they expect true VIP treatment.


Craps Casino Accepts U.S.? Bonus Site
Bovada Casino Craps YES $3,000 Bonus Bovada Casino
High Noon Casino Craps YES $2,000 Bonus High Noon Casino


As much as some casinos love high rollers, online craps players with deep pockets face a unique set of problems. For starters, the smaller online casinos simply cannot afford to take the big action that comes along with high rollers. When somebody wants to bet thousands of dollars for each of their wagers, a hot streak can put some serious stress on smaller companies. In order to protect their cash levels, many of these smaller online casinos also have strict deposit and withdrawal limits that may prove to be problematic for very wealthy players.

Another serious concern for high roller online craps is reliability. Everyone is a bit paranoid when it comes to online gambling, but when you are entrusting an online casino with many thousands of dollars, reputation takes on a much higher level of importance. Casinos with questionable ethics may be hesitant to let you withdraw tens of thousands of dollars, even though the money is rightfully yours. Because of this very real risk, high rollers should only play at the most reputable online casinos on the Internet. Given all of these concerns, here are our three favorite online craps casinos for high rollers.

Top Casinos For High Stakes Craps

A favorite among high rollers for years, LuckyRed Casino has a reputation for going the extra mile. Every player is free to make wagers worth up to $1000 at the craps table, and when you are awarded VIP status, you can go even higher. Along with the higher betting limits, members of Lucky Red VIP club can take advantage of higher deposit and withdrawal limits, special high roller bonuses, and access to their own private account manager. This person is available around the clock to take care of your every need.

Brought to us by the same people behind Lucky Red Casino, High Noon Casino is a great place to play craps online. While most players have to conform to some daily deposit limit, high rollers can have these limits increased or removed. When you are invited to the High Noon VIP club, you also have access to the higher limit craps games and special promotions aimed at high rollers. It’s truly a great place to play online craps for real money.

All of these casinos are safe and fun options for online craps players. They utilize advanced technology to provide secure transactions and shield your personal information. While these casinos will accept some huge wagers (and payout massive winnings), high rollers should always use care when playing high limit craps. A long losing streak could easily drain tens of thousands of dollars from your bankroll. Never enter a high stakes craps game unless you can afford to lose whatever you are bringing to the table.