Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

How To Play Craps

Craps appears to be one of the most difficult and complicated games in the casino, and it can be, but anybody can learn how to play. Actually, some of the most effective strategies are the easiest and most fun to use. Once you know how to play craps, don’t be surprised if it instantly becomes your favorite table game of all. The excitement at a hot craps table puts this game in a league of its own.

The craps table has a layout printed on it, which shows players where to place their chips based on what kind of craps bet they want to make. One player, designated the “shooter”, rolls two dice after everyone has made their wagers. Depending upon the results of this roll, some wagers will win, some will lose, and others may remain on the table.

Getting Started

Much like poker is played in “hands”, craps is played in rounds. Each of these rounds begins with players making wagers and then the shooter rolling the dice. This first roll is called the come out roll and, for the most part, players are either betting for or against the shooter. If you want to bet with the shooter (as most do), then you can make a pass line bet by putting the chips you want to bet on the space labeled “pass line” in the layout. To take the opposite position, you can bet on the Don’t pass line.

If the come out roll results in a seven or an eleven (a natural), then the pass line bettors win. If it results in a two, three, or twelve, then the don’t pass line bettors win. Either way, the round is over and a new player becomes the shooter. If, however, any other number is rolled, then that number becomes the “point” and the round moves forward.

When a point is rolled (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), the dice are retuned to the shooter who will keep on rolling. For line bettors (pass or don’t pass) all that matters is the point. If the shooter hits the point, then the pass line players win. If a seven is rolled, however, the don’t pass line players win. The shooter will continue to roll the dice until one of these two outcomes is achieved. Both hitting the point and sevening out will mark the end of the round and a new shooter will take the reins.

This Is Just The Beginning

Even though most players simply put their money on the pass line and watch the round unfold, there are lots of different kinds of wagers. Of these, some are made in the middle of the round and many don’t rely on the round structure at all. But before you try to learn about all of the craps bets, you should know that the basic line bets are, statistically, the smartest bets in the game. The only way you can possibly improve upon these bets is by making odds bets. An odds bet is basically a bet that is added on to your line bet after the come out roll. Not all casinos allow this kind of wager, but when available, you should always take advantage of the opportunity. The larger your odds bet, the lower the house’s edge.

Speaking of the house’s edge, the casino always has an advantage over you. The best you can do is to stick with the basics and understand the game. Before you ever enter a real casino, you should get a feel for the game by playing craps online. You can typically play for free until you are comfortable with the rules and then you can make a deposit and work on your bankroll management skills while playing real money craps online. Online casinos are low-pressure environments that are perfect for learning the game and expanding your repertoire of craps bets. After some online play, you will be much more confident entering a land based casino and approaching a live craps table for the first time. After some time you can learn some of our craps strategies that improves your chances of winning.