Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Live Craps vs. Online Craps

Before you start playing online craps for real money you might want to know the difference between live craps (like the one you play in Las Vegas) and online craps that is played at an online casino.

If you have ever been to a land based casino, in Vegas or elsewhere, it’s impossible that you have missed the extremely loud craps tables. Craps in a land based casino is a very social experience as the players are usually all betting on the same thing, which is against the house. Sure there are a the occasional “wrong bettors” playing the Don’t pass line and Don’t Come bet but the majority of the players at the table are cheering for the same outcome.

When playing craps in an online casino on the other hand it’s just you in your underwear and a computer screen. It’s not as depressing as it sounds though as there are many advantages to playing online craps instead of live craps.

Here are some of the main reasons why online craps is better than live craps:

  • There is no dress code in an online casino
  • Online casinos have better comp programs than live casinos
  • No drunk college guys spilling drinks on the table making sucker bets
  • Online craps is played from home, no boring travel time to your local casino
  • Online casinos offer great sign up bonuses to boost your bankroll
  • Online craps is a lot faster than traditional craps

As you see in the list above there are a lot of reasons why you should be playing craps online instead of going to your local casino to play. Of course there are a couple of things that is a lot better live as well but all in all we personally prefer the online version of craps. The one thing that we miss when playing online compares to Vegas is the 100x free odds bets that are offered at some casinos Downtown Las Vegas while the online casinos only offer between 3x to 5x odds bets.