Saturday, September 19th, 2020

Low House Edge Casino Games

Casino games that have a low house advantage can be beneficial for three reasons. Firstly, they can lower the long-term advantage that the house has when you play a particular game. This can increase your advantage over the house and allow you to play the game for longer. When you opt for a game with a low house edge, the likelihood of the house benefiting disproportionately is quite low.

The second benefit of playing low house edge casino games is that this way you will be risking relatively less of your bankroll than if you were to play at games that have a high house edge. The third benefit is that such games offer you a high winning probability. Here are some of the casino games that have a low house edge:


With the very attractive free odds bet in craps you will be able to make this one of the best games in the casino and the house edge is very low making it easier for you as a player to make a profit.If you are not playing the free odds bet you are giving up a lot of your edge which means you are giving the house a bigger advantage over you than what is needed.


Baccarat is an easy casino game that has one of the lowest house edges. This is because the card game has random outcome possibilities owing to which players can place high stakes. The game allows you to place wagers on one of two hands – the banker or player. The house edge when baccarat bets are placed on the banker is 1.06% and on the player it is 1.24%. When bets are placed on a tie, the house edge becomes 14.44%.


Blackjack, a simple casino game, also offers low house edge. When you play the game using the best strategies, the house advantage on the game is less than 0.5%. This however, also depends on the type of blackjack played. An added benefit of playing blackjack is that the house edge can be turned completely in favour the player. This is largely contingent on the rules at the table. According to liberal Vegas rules, the house edge can be 0.28%.

Video poker

One of the few slot games that has a low house edge is video poker. Requiring skill, the game can be advantageous when played using optimal strategies. At such times, the house edge offered by most video poker games is less than 0.5%. So, a game of Full Play Deuces Wild can have a high player edge while Jacks or Better can have a house edge of 0.46%.

Three Card Poker

Three card poker another of the low house edge casino games. The edge for the game is calculated by taking into consideration both ante and pair plus modes. In this game-play, the house edge is 5.32%.


In roulette, the house edge is contingent on the wheel design. Based on the country in which it is played two types of wheels are used in roulette. In America, the roulette wheel has two pockets (for zero), so it gives the house an advantage of 5.6%. In Europe, the wheel has a single pocket (for zero), so the house advantage is relatively low at 2.7%.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow, a game with a unique betting format and game play, provides players with a low house edge. Typically, it is close to 2%. By employing optimal strategies, its house edge can be brought down to 2%.