Monday, January 30th, 2023

Mac Craps Casinos

Mac Compatible Craps Casinos

Every day, it seems, more and more people are switching from PC to Mac. Apple computers are easy to use, generally safe from viruses, and very stylish, but they do have some problems when it comes to playing online craps. Online casinos don’t have Mac-compatible software yet, so you have to get creative if you’re going to play craps online with a Mac. The first option you have is to utilize no-download, streaming software. These instant play casinos let you play craps (and other games) right in your Internet browser and many of the best casinos offer this along side their normal PC-only packages. No-download casinos typically have fewer games and may not work well for players with slow Internet connections but, for most craps players, this is an acceptable solution.

If you really have you heart set on downloading casino software, for whatever reason, then you’ll need a piece of software known as a PC emulator. PC emulators let Mac users run any kind of Windows software on their Apple computers. This isn’t cheap and you still need to buy a copy of the Windows operating system for it to work. Unless you have other reasons for wanting to run PC-only software, PC emulators probably don’t make much sense. Instead of wasting your money, check out these top Mac-friendly online casinos.

Bodog No-Download Craps

Most people would probably agree that Bodog has the best streaming software package on the Internet. Even for PC and Linux users, Bodog dishes out a great instant play option. The graphics at the craps table are crystal clear and load times shouldn’t be an issue for most players. Also, Bodog gives all of its casino players a 10% unlimited welcome bonus, and total access to its sportsbook and online poker room. Mac players in general really can’t go wrong with Bodog Casino.

Cherry Red Mac Craps

Another great choice for Mac craps players is Cherry Red craps. Their table display is nearly as good as Bodog’s and the dice rolling animation is very realistic. In the game, they let players take 2x odds which is a great way to lower the houses edge and protect your bankroll. Of course, Cherry Red Casino also has tons of other games for their Mac users, world-class customer support, and they are known for being a safe place to play online craps for real money.

Rushmore Instant Play Craps

Owned and operated by the same people behind Cherry Red Casino, Rushmore has the same great Real Time Gaming software with a different theme. Of course, they open their doors to Mac players by providing instant play craps. When you visit their website and create your account, you will be eligible to receive a welcome bonus worth up to $888! Overall, Rushmore Casino is a reliable choice for Mac players all around the world (including the USA) to play craps online.