Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Craps Movies

If you somehow ended up here searching for crap movies you have come to the wrong place. This article is actually about craps movies, that means movies that are featuring the casino game craps at any point during the movie.

Oceans’ Thirteen
This is the third movie in the Oceans’ Eleven series and it features a game of craps where the cheaters are using loaded dice.

The Cooler
In this romantic drama we will see William H Macy play the extremely unlucky Bernie Lootz. Bernie works as a “Cooler” at a local casino and brings bad luck to all tables that are running hot, until one day when he meets the love of his life and it all changes.

Big Town
This is a classic craps movie from 1987 featuring Matt Dillon as a craps shooter from Chicago who finds out he’s got a talent for shooting craps and moves to Sin City. There are a lot of craps scenes in this movie and it’s very well made from a gamblers perspective.

Guys and Dolls
The very famous musical and movie Guys and Dolls is featuring some scenes where craps is played.

Other movies with short craps scenes:

Snake Eyes
Hard Eight
Diamonds Are Forever
Beyond the Purple Hills

Craps is also featured in the following TV Series:

CSI Las Vegas
Las Vegas
Two and a Half Men

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