Friday, May 27th, 2022

Online Casino Gaming in Sweden

SverigeOnline gaming and casinos online are huge in a great part of the world. This is not an exception for Sweden. Swedish people love to play casino games, mainly online but also on land based casinos. As the interest for gaming and sports are so huge in Sweden a lot of different casino brands target the Swedish markets and also a lot of them are owned by Swedish companies. I believe that Sweden was one of the first countries introducing betting online.

Swedish people live in a country with a weather and temperature that is bad and cold most of the year, so they need some fun and exciting hobbies during the cold winter months. Gambling is definitely one of the things that people consider their hobby. And that is why millions or even billions of Swedish crowns are spent on gaming each year. A great sum for being such a small county as it is.

Nowadays anyone can find a casino specified for Swedish players and casino guides such as with tips and recommendations for many gaming related things for Swedes.

Huge gaming interest in Sweden

Stryktipset BettingPeople in Sweden have always been interested in all kind of sports and all different types of gaming. For example; football is something that is very very popular to play and watch in Sweden and so are the sport trotting. As the interest for sport is so great, gaming and betting has also become widespread throw-out the population. They go hand in hand, when looking at sports live or on tv you add a bit of action and excitement if you bet and play on a game. I would say that is how it started and why gambling has become so very popular amongst the Swedish People. This has now developed and more and more people have also started to play a variety of games, not only on sports betting. Also casino games have become a super big industry in the country. Both playing casino in live land based casinos but even more popular online.

Images above shows “Stryktipset”, a type of weekly pool betting which is one of the most popular betting types in Sweden.

Swedish monopoly for “Svenska Spel”

In Sweden all gaming is regulated by the government and all game related operations are run through Svenska Spel. So all gaming transactions going on in Sweden is regulated by the government through Svenska Spel. This includes Lottery, Sports Betting, Bingo, Scratch Cards. Yes, everything. Why it works like this is for the government to control the gaming in the country, at least from the perspective of the casino. As when register you need to state you social security number and in that way possible gaming addictions can be controlled.

The legal aspect

As mentioned above, Svenska Spel has monopoly of all gaming transactions in this Scandinavian country. But a lot of casinos offering sports betting, poker and casino have Sweden as its target markets. How can they have that when Svenska Spel has all gaming right in the country? They solve it by having all their operations abroad. Meaning, even if the company is owned by a Swedish company, all involvement with the customers needs to be from abroad. As soon as trading is done within the Swedish boarders, you break the law. But as long as you are based in European Union there will be no problem. Many online casinos are based in either UK or Malta due to these legal aspects.

Great variety of online casino sites

A lot of casinos are translated into Swedish language and can also offer their Swedish players customer support help in their native tongue. In these cases the customer support agents are not living in Sweden but live and work from another country. Example of online casino brands that has this is the following. Vinnarrum is a Swedish site, only targeting Swedish players. They have their office and run their operation from Malta. So does Mr Green, Come On, Betsson and Unibet. All of them with markets in Sweden.

Most popular casino games for Swedish people

When it comes to new technology Swedish people are obsessed, especially about mobile phones and tablets. That’s why iPad casino seems to be an important development for the nordic countries. Most of the gaming sites targeting these countries have a very well developed mobile section.

As mentioned, Swedish people love all kind of games. But if I focus mainly on casino and casino games I can say that normal slot machines are the most common played casino games. We have also noticed a huge interested in various jackpot games, where players want the chance to win big while playing. One of the most popular Jackpot game is a game from the game provider Net Entertainment and the game are called Mega Fortune and has a very large jackpot.

Craps is not really a huge game for Swedes, apart from the frequent visitors to Vegas of course 🙂