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3 Craps Players Who Won Big


3 Craps Players Who Won Big

While Craps might not be thought of as the most glamorous of casino games, over time it’s gained popularity and has built a solid reputation for being quite a desirable game to be played. Even James Bond put a spotlight on the game in ‘Diamonds are Forever’. After all, players can actually win big at a craps table because it has the lowest house edge of any casino game. Craps also has some interesting rules with lots of twists which makes it extremely entertaining whether you’re part of the audience or actually playing the game!

The game also boasts with more winning streaks than any other casino game, with the longest being 154 rolls. So, if you’ve never played craps before, read on. After you’ve read about the three biggest wins in crap history you might want to give it a try…

Stanley Fujitake

The California Hotel and Casino was founded in 1975 and was well known for attracting Hawain casino enthusiast by offering cheap vacation packages and flights. And on May 28, 1989, Stanley Fujitake took advantage of one of these offers. Unbeknownst to him, it would result in him making history!

Craps is a fairly easy game. The shooter rolls to establish a point number – 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 – and then tries to roll the same number again, before hitting a 7, which results in crapping out. If the shooter hits the point without hitting a 7, those who bet on the shooter wins. It’s rare to have a winning streak of longer than 30 minutes but Stanley Fujitake defied all odds.

At midnight, he dropped a $5 on the pass line and took the dice in hand. He won $1 million in 3 hours, after rolling the dice 118 times. Now, that’s one heck of a lucky streak!

Patricia Demauro

In 2009, 20 years after Fujitake’s record breaker, Patricia Demauro took over the crown for being the player who holds the record for the longest ever caps roll. She rolled the dice 154 times over 4 hours and 18 minutes. The most interesting thing about this historical event, is that Patricia Demauro won’t say how much she actually won. Word has it that it’s between $500 and $5 million but if you had to guess, you’d surely believe it leans more towards the heftier side.

The Phantom Gambler

In the 1980s, William Lee Bergstrom walked into the Horseshoe Casino in Vegas with two suitcases. One was empty and the other contained $770 000. He gambled all his money on one single craps roll and won $770 000 which he, of course, put into the empty suitcase.

Over the next few months, he did it again, first winning $190, 000 and then another $90 000. Obviously, at this stage, he thought that he was on a winning streak and decided to bet $1 million on a single craps bet. Can you guess what happened? He lost.

So, you see, playing a game of Craps can make you win big. But be warned, even if you’re on a winning steak, you luck can change in the blink of an eye. The moral of the story? Play moderately and know when to walk away with your winnings!

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