Friday, May 27th, 2022

Cookie & Privacy Policy is an online casino comparison affiliate website which is not intended to be used by persons under 18 years of age.  The use of cookies on this site is implemented in order to help the site run properly and provide a better browsing experience for you as a visitor. This Cookie & Privacy Policy outlines how information is collected and made use of when anyone visits the website.

Storing Your Non-Personal Information

We use cookies to gather statistical data from users who visit our site. These refer to non-personal information that can never be used to identify a person and consists of aspects such as your location and time zone, the device you are using and the ways in which you get around our site. We also make use of Google Analytics and HotJar to analyse how users access and use our website as well as to measure general site activity and internet usage.

Cookie? What’s that?

Cookies may be described as text files which store data while their users are accessing websites on the internet. Their primary use is to provide users with a better quality site experience by taking note of user’s unique interests and saving your past preferences.

We use cookies to collect non-personal information as per your activity on and to keep track of specific aspects such as your browser types, visited pages and visit timings and duration.

Please note that you can disable cookies through your browser settings by clearing cookies, We should mention however, that disabling cookies can affect the functionality of the website. By accepting our cookie disclaimer, users are effectively consenting to your data being used for the purposes highlighted above. However, we will never disclose or resell any cookie information collected to third parties so you can put your mind at ease that your data will be in safe hands with us.

Types of Cookies We Use

When you access our site for the first time, you need to accept Cookie Permission to enable cookies to be stored. The cookies on fall under 3 main categories listed hereunder:

Session cookies which are in use while visitors browse through our website. These enable the site to function at its best and are automatically deleted when the web browser is closed. Opting out of these cookies will lower the quality of user experience so we wouldn’t recommend it.

Functional cookies  save users’ preferences and settings in order to adjust information displayed on our site according to the individual. Upon visiting our website a second time, our platform will recover this cookie information and use it to help improve your user experience.

Analytic cookies contain non-personal data about visitors and their behaviour on site. This information is then used to conduct statistical analysis of trends, for improving experience and for pinpointing technical issues. However, none of this information can be used to determine a user’s identity.

If you’d like to opt out of Google Analytics, do it here.

If you want to opt out of HotJar, go here.

Your Personal Information and Direct Marketing

All personal information that users share with includes personal details such as name and email address. This will be used to contact you as based on your personal preferences.

As for promotional content such as newsletters, these will only be shared with those who opted in to receive them and links to unsubscribe at any time you wish will be available.

Policy Updates

We may need to apply some changes to our privacy policy so for future reference, any updates made will be posted here for your perusal. However, we must reiterate that we will never use cookie information for other purposes than those mentioned above or share it with anyone else.