Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Responsible Gaming is a responsible casino content website, where we offer a safe and enjoyable online casino environment for our valued players. We are truly convinced that online gambling should always be considered as a form of entertainment and, therefore we encourage the users of this website to gamble safely. This page covers various measures that we have in place to help our users play responsibly and enjoy their experience.

Responsible Gambling – Tips

– Gambling is always played for the

– Gambling carries only entertainment purposes

– All gambling-related funds should be limited – regardless of wins or loses

– Do not borrow money to gamble and avoid credits or loans

– Gambling can never be considered as a source of income

– Understand the games and the odds – remember that losing is a part of the game

– Make sure your gambling activities do not interfere with your personal life

Warning Signs of Problem Gambling

The following list outlines some alarming signs that prove your gambling activities have become problematic.

– Gambling until all your money has been spent

– Borrowing money in order to gamble

– Gambling for financial purposes

– Gambling as a solution to personal problems

– Lying about gambling or hiding it from your relatives

– Gambling interferes with your family/work life.

Where to Ask for Help

If you require more information or help on how to treat a gambling problem, please visit the websites below. They offer guidance and sound advice on the addiction.


National Council on Problem Gambling operates 24/7 and offers help to those, who find gambling no longer fun but a problematic concern. Here you can refer to particular help centres located in respective states. Visit their website for more details.


GamCare offers support and information to anyone who is suffering through a gambling problem. If you require more details on their service, please click here.

Gambling Therapy

Gambling Therapy is totally free for everyone who is looking for help online. The service and mobile app provide advice and support to people affected by problem gambling. Check their website for more details.


This website offers free advice on problem gambling, as well as confidential help by phone or online. Check it out to make sure your gambling habits always stay in control.

How Do I Stay in Control?

Cooling-off Periods

Take a break from gambling. You can set particular time away from a particular operator by switching on a cooling-off period that lasts between 1-30 days, depending on your preference. In this time, you will not be communicated with any casino-related offers.

Deposit Limits

Set a limit to your deposits. You can do it for a period of 1-30 days, depending on your will. Then, the casino operator will only allow you for depositing a previously fixed amount of money.


Everyone who gambles should have an option to self-exclude themselves from gambling activities. You can set different time limits – usually between 1 year up to… forever! The operators will suspend any marketing materials sent to you in the chosen period of time.

Social media break

Stop following gambling operators on social media – you will stay away from unwanted casino bonuses or sports tipster pages. Resign from any kind of social media activity. Do not follow any casino profiles online – stay away from the news and casino bonuses.

Gambling blocking software

 Except for the above-mentioned ideas, we suggest you look into the available gambling blocking software. Those tools, once installed on your computer or mobiles, will blog your access to any sites connected to gambling.

Check these websites out: Betfilter, Gamblock or PlayScan.

Protecting Children and Under 18s

Underage gambling, as well as accessing online casinos by underage users is strictly forbidden. We aim to prevent such activities with the below-listed measures.

Gambling operators have strict processes to verify age and identity using KYC and Bank-ID processes. Companies are not allowed by law to advertise gambling in any ways that might be appealing to children and under 18s. However, there are some extra steps that can be taken in order to stop popularising gambling among the young audience:

– Do not encourage anyone under the legal age to gamble

– Refrain from using an option to remember passwords on computers to which access have any young users

– Never share your credit card or bank account details with anyone under 18

– Use separate profiles if one computer is shared by different users

– Research child-protection software, such as CYBERsitter, Net Nanny or Cyber Patrol to block gambling sites from minors accessing the internet.