Friday, May 27th, 2022

The Don’t-Come Bet

The time to make a don’t-come bet is after the point has been decided by the come-out roll. The don’t-come bet is a are considered a wrong-way bet just like the don’t-pass line bet. When betting the don’t-come bet you are betting for the exact opposite outcome as the players betting on the Come bet. It’s most common that the don’t-come bet is played by craps players who are also betting on the don’t-pass line.

Rules for the Don’t-Come Bet

  • You place your bet on the don’t-come box after the point has been established by the come-out roll.
  • You lose your bet if the point is rolled before a 7 is rolled.
  • You win even money if a 7 is rolled before the established point.

The don’t-come bet is the equivalent of the come bet for the wrong way bettors. Just like with the come bet this bet is often placed by real money craps players looking to have action on more than one number during the current roll.

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