Saturday, September 19th, 2020

Advanced Tips for the Advanced Craps Player

If you have been playing craps successfully for some time, you may want to move onto some more advanced techniques that will up the ante on your game play. Sometimes just being reminded of something that you did in the past or that you have seen work in the past will help inspire a new love of the game. Craps is a fun and exciting game, but players often fall into a rut with the way they do things. Some more advanced craps tips will help you break out of the mold that you have been playing in, hopefully benefiting your game at the same time!

One of the best advanced craps tips is to set a loss limit. If you know that you have $500 that you can afford to lose than you should start with $250 and play with that. If you have spent the $250 and you have $350 chances are you can continue to play comfortably with your originally $500 bankroll. Keeping only half of the money you can afford to lose in play at an one time will help keep your betting in check, letting you know when it’s time to quit. So, the worst case scenario when you play this way is that you lose half of what you could afford to lose. The best case scenario is that you come home with $250 that you put into play originally as well as any other winnings.

If you are looking for bets on the craps table that will always have a reasonable house edge regardless of the online or brick and mortar casino that you are playing in, safe bets are often considered to be a Pass Line bet backed by free odds, Come Line bets backed by free odds bet, and Place Bets on six or eight.

Don’t be afraid to be a copy cat. This is an advanced craps tip that is often overlooked but it shouldn’t be. You need to look around the table, whether it is physical or virtual, and see who has the most chips. You need to watch what this player is doing and follow suit. So many people don’t want to swallow their pride and do this, but if someone is succeeding you might as well try their way of doing things—especially if what you are doing isn’t working.

Remember that the dice aren’t living breathing things. Many players get in the mindset that the dice are aware of what the last roll was and what the next roll will be. This simply is not possible, so don’t fall into the mindset that the next roll will be your lucky numbers and you’ll win big.

These may seem like simple tips for being advanced craps tips, but they are things that many players forget about when they have been playing for some time. These are tips that are simple, but they are often overlooked. Overlooking them could end up costing you big!

Craps Casinos for High Rollers 

If you are looking for those more advanced Crap games, then no doubt, you want everything that goes with it too.  This means you want a sublime design and a welcome package that is fit for a king!

Well we have you covered with the two following casinos, which have both of these things as well as some fantastically designed Craps tables!

In short, they have the full package for all you High Roller Craps fans out there!

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They also have a special Welcome Bonus especially for all the players who like to take their Craps games a little more seriously. To qualify you have to deposit a minimum $300, but you will see it matched by 100% all the way up to $777! This is nearly twice as much as what you get as the standard Welcome Package and means if you want to get involved in some serious gaming straight away, you can have the funds to do so from day one!

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Vegas Crest – If you want to play Craps with a very large Vegas influence, the get down to Vegas Crest. They too have their very own exclusive Craps game, which is of course, is the Vegas Style and means that you can get that Vegas Vibe in the comfort of your own home!

When you sign up you will find a Welcome Bonus that is just what you expect for players who like to dabble in big money betting. They have a massive $2,500 up for grabs in your first two deposits, which should line your pockets just fine and get you involved in some serious Craps games.

First things first, you get 10 Free Spins as soon as you sign up, no deposit required, so you get a little taste of that VIP treatment immediately. However, once you make a deposit you really feel the wealth, with a 200% bonus up to $1000 and then a 300% Bonus the second time round up to $1,500! What a fabulous way to start!

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