Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Best Craps Bets

Craps is an exciting, fast-moving, and thrilling social game of dice offered at all prominent online casinos. Although craps is fun, it is associated with a number of bets, which makes playing craps a bit difficult for beginners. Luckily, there are innumerable craps tutorials with craps articles, tips, craps rules, strategies, house edge, best bets, and so on for beginners. Casinos also offer craps games in the free mode so that beginners can get plenty of practice before actually betting real money on a game of craps.

Playing craps does not require much effort; all players have to do is place bets on the results of a roll or a series of rolls of a couple of dice on a craps table. Their luck depends on the combined value of the pair of dice on the table, which means that placing the correct bet is of utmost importance in craps, which always makes players eager to know about the best craps bets.

Several craps enthusiasts advise beginners to place craps bets with low house edge. For instance, the Pass line bet has a house edge of 1.41 percent and the Don’t Pass line bet has a house edge of 1.40 percent. Owing to the low house edge associated with these line bets, they are considered to be the best bets in craps. However, smart and experienced craps players know a great way to further reduce the house edge of these bets by making use of another special craps bet called the craps odds bet.

The craps odds bet is considered to be the best bet in the online casino gaming industry because it has absolutely no house edge. Although the bet is not mentioned on the betting table, smart players are aware of it. The casino permits all players who have placed a Pass bet to make another bet called the odds bet, which is placed behind their Pass bets. If players win their Pass bets, they will receive even money for their Pass bets and true odds on their odds bet.

The most wonderful thing about the craps odds bet is that casinos are competing with one another to give their craps players the highest odds. Players, therefore, will come across casinos allowing them to place double odds after placing their Pass line bets. For instance, if players place a Pass bet of $4, they will be permitted to make an odds bet of $8. There are casinos that permit players to place not just double, but also thrice or even 100 times in odds. While this might initially sound exciting, players must understand that only high rollers will be able to afford such bets.

Since the house edge of the Pass line bet is 1.41 percent, smart players will be able to reduce it considerable when they place an extra odds bet that has absolutely no house edge. For instance, the house edge of a Pass line bet with single odds becomes 0.85 percent and the house edge of a Pass line bet with double odds becomes 0.61 percent.