Saturday, September 19th, 2020

Enjoying Craps

Winning at craps is all about having a strategy that works and that you are comfortable enough with to put to work for you. The best craps strategy is one that employs the placing of bets that are more likely to be successful than not. The good thing about even the most basic craps strategy is that you can whittle away at what is already a fairly small house edge with ease.

Don’t be afraid to bet against the shooter, no matter what you may have been told, read, or have seen in the past. Many players second guess this strategy because it is not used often. This strategy has long been rumored to be ineffective or just the inaccurate way to play the game, but that is simply rumor or even myth, likely started by the casinos who did not want to lose any more money than they have to. If you bet against the shooter you may not be the most popular player at the craps table, but you will find that you can diminish the house edge.

If you choose to use the basic craps strategy of betting against the shooter you should consider what you would do when you bet on the Pass Line or Don’t Pass bet. When you war on the pass line you are betting with the shooter, which means you need him to roll a two, three, or 12. If you bet Don’t Pass you are betting against the shooter and you are hoping he rolls a two, three, or 12 but will only lose on seven or 11. What’s the difference? The difference is the house edge. When you bet with the shooter the house edge is 1.41% yet when you bet against the shooter the house edge is just 1.34%. It doesn’t seem like a huge difference, but it will help you increase your edge against the house, which is how you win!

Many people don’t like this basic craps strategy because they have been told that they are required to pay a commission fee, usually a fee of 5% of the wager. Don’t let this deter you, because you are still doing away with the house edge. In fact, the reason that there is a commission fee is because if they did not charge this the edge would actually be against the house.

You have to be sure of yourself if you are going to use this basic craps strategy. You may have other players looking at you and wondering why you would bet against the shooter, but when you consider how much you are able to whittle away at that house edge and what this can mean for you long term, it simply is the best way to go. You won’t want to cheer too loudly when the player doesn’t roll what he wanted, as this will make you less than popular, but it is a bet that you can play quietly and successfully in most instances. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain in the game of craps.