Wednesday, May 31st, 2023




Miami Club is an online casino that has an immersive gaming environment. The online version of the classic Craps table game is simple to master and is available to play at Miami Club. If you fancy predicting the number displayed on dice, placing bets and enjoying the thrill of it all, then here is the best place to do it. Choose from one-roll bets, big 6 or big 8 bet. You can enjoy Craps either online or via downloadable option, whichever you prefer. Whether you choose to place a come bet or a don’t come bet, you’ll be feel the rush of this class table game when you play.

If you want to enjoy Craps but don’t have an account, relax! Miami Club has a welcome package that you don’t want to miss. You can claim up to $800 in bonuses. This casino wants to make sure that you’re well looked after, so when you join the family, each of your first purchases of online credits will be matched (100% up to $100 each time).

For everything Craps and for all the hot promotions on offer, look no further than Miami Club Casino. A gaming environment with a Miami theme and palm trees and sandy beaches to match!